Golf Tournaments

There is a considerable amount of competition among golf tournaments.  it is crucial to understand that golfers have limited time and monry to dedicate to ony a few events.  Therefore it is critical to add value to attract golfers.

Let Proforma assist with:

  • Pre-tournament publicity: Direct mail and email campaigns
  • Tournament Signage: Signs for hole sponsors, Banners, Brochures
  • Giveaways:  One size does not fit all.  Deterine how giveaways can add value to golfers and increase profitability.
  • Golf fittings: Give players the chance to choose the gear that fits their size and style.  We offer shoe, sunglasses, golf bag and glove fittings on site at your tournament!

You're sponsoring this tournament for a reason.  Proforma partners with your company to help you increase participation and visibility for your cause.

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